Join Mastodon – A Server Chooser

Mastodon offers a number of ways to interact with the Mastodon network and the wider Fediverse, but first you’ll need a home base, somewhere that hosts -your- Mastodon account, a server that is linked to all the other servers in the network.

This guide offers one way to help you make that choice. Think of it as a choose your own adventure, but instead you’re choosing your Mastodon home server.

And don’t forget, your decision is not final, Mastodon allows you to move your account between servers – so go ahead and make a choice, you can always change your mind later!

I want to join a server that is mainly a community around a particular topic or interest -> go to topics

I want a home server that is mainly supporting a particular geographic area -> go to locales

I want a home server that speaks or supports a specific language -> go to languages

I want a well-connected general purpose Mastodon server where I can find a follow a lot of people -> go to servers